June 4th

Getting ready to get my second Covid shot. Just here at the shop, Ever since I made a post on the Nextdoor app we've been blowing up. We've been having a lot of walk-ins'.

Tomorrow I will be having a pop-up here at the shop. Let's see how it goes. Poke Bowls..

Poke Bowl Pop-up

Saturday afternoon!



Rent is paid. Now to get some inventory.

It's been kinda slow the past 3 days. For BMX.
Rhino has his hands busy with repairs. So at least someone is busy.

Tomorrow is the official beginning of the week. Memorial day is behind us and now it's time to focus....

Thurs 5/27

Been working a lot and keeping busy. People are starting to walk in from the street now. I'd like to see how much business we get this next month. Summer is here so kids need bikes to ride.

This weekend Output Audio is opening up so that's cool. It's nice to have some cool neighbors. Not just that but neighbors that ADD to the neighborhood. So yeah, these dudes are cool af. Check them out.


This is another guilty pleasure song... 


Dig this song. Reminds me of when quarantine was in full effect....

Quarantine tunes

Guilty pleasure.


I don't normally listen to these many oldies but i've been in that kind of mood.

Black Sabbath Tuneage

I'll never get tired of Black Sabbath. They have played an important role in my life.

Sundayfunday 5/23

Getting ready to leave for the day. Today was a good day. We had some people come in randomly so that's a good thing. Google is updated to now when you look us up you can find us there.

Did a lot of posting. To 3 platforms too. I ain't gonna lie, That shit is tiring,

Going to try and go to the comptroller's office tomorrow and get an account. When I do a door of opportunity is going to open up. I've been waiting too long for this. Let's see if it happens...

So yeah, y'all have a good night. 

Sat 5/22

The weather is crap outside. I guess I cant complain... but I still do lol. The weatherman said 10 days of rain like a week ago and we've seen about 3 days. It sucks though because I feel like riding my bike. I have indoor space to ride but it's not the same...

Hopefully some energy will kick in because I'm low on it. I have a few projects and I need motivation. I guess I'll walk to the gas station in the rain... it's just sprinkling anyway...

Thin Lizzy

Listening to this today while I work on bikes.

Locking up for the day

What a long day. Sometimes I think about how I used to work in a kitchen. Do I miss it? IDK... I do and I don't... I can't complain I guess... I mean, I'm my own boss... Doin' something i'm really into...

Tomorrow is another day. I'm gonna go home and Amazon Prime and chill...

Thurs 5/20/21

Today was a good day. I picked up a good race frame online for 128 bucks! Im guessing it's a 400 dollar frame and fork,


Sometimes I have pretty ok luck selling stuff online. Sold a pair of Skyway mags last night. I've been trying to sell these for a while now and finally I did it.

Didn't have too much time for cleaning projects I have but hopefully tomorrow I'll pull through.

Wed 5/19

Today I picked up A 21tt Fit.
Now to figure out the direction I want to go with it.

1 month

Also, today is our 1 month anniversary. It's hard to believe that we got this place. It took a while and we went through some bullshit to get this place. It was all worth it though...

Tue, May 18th

I couldn't sleep last night. I have alot on my mind... I tried to stick to a specific type of bike... But lately all I have are bikes that are out of my comfort zone. But it's an opportunity to learn. Facebook groups is a very useful tool. I can find out the make, model, year... of whatever bike. Last night I posted in groups like Dyno and Mongoose and I found out some cool and not so cool stuff about some of the bikes I have here at the shop.


Mindless Music

I like these "Trappin in..." series. Great background music.


So it's Monday. Time for me to get my gameface. Time to put it on. I've got some pretty cool bikes at the shop and am putting in some time getting them ready. I have someone interested in the Purple Rain.

This is what I play at work. This is what I be listening to...

Mac Miller tunes

put it on play and chill...

Sunday Funday 5/16

Chillin' at the shop listening to Kendrick Lamar's Damn. Such a great album. Takes me back in time listening to it.

So I've got a few projects going on today. I'm going to Part out the Mach One. I think selling the frame online is the way to go. I also have this Compe to wipe down. That's a sweet relic. I think it'll sell online if i'm patient.

What else do I have to do today?...

My area needs to be organized a little better. I need to go on a ride before it starts to rain. Again. It's supposed to rain for a couple of weeks so y'all get your rides in.


Got some new bikes in. If anyone likes midschool bikes this is a cool one..

05/15/2021Eventful day

Wow. What a day. Almost had a huge, heavy ladder fall and destroy tons of things. Rhino and I couldn't do it so we had to call a younger dude to hang the sign up. Thank God nothing bad happened.

So ya, the sign is up. The sign I made impulsively with the resources I had. 


The beginning of the weekend. Just got my first Covid shot. Yes, my arm is sore but I've heard that everyone reacts differently. Bike sales have been a little slow but that's ok. Online sales were good last week... I know I'll make up for it locally soon. Hopefully next week.

The time is coming to close the shop down for the day. Didn't get too too much done. Getting my shot is a big deal but I'm not making any money. I have to make money every day -- at least that's my goal.

Last night I went on a cool ride. It felt good outside. Supposedly It's gonna rain for the next 10 days. Better ride tonight before I can't.

I hope all is well for everyone out there that follows me. I'll try and keep up with this over the weekend. Nothing too exciting is happening. So anyways, peace out y'all!

One day I'll do this downtown

20201007 234144

Boston Massacre

Some crazy shit

Corn Fed

This vid makes me want to shred.

It ain't 2009 no more

Yeah you know what's behind that door.

My wife can't stand Mac Miller. I think he had so much more to offer...

So yeah, guess where I am? Yup. The shop. It's a cool 72 in here and i'm by myself. Trying to get some motivation. I'm sipping on a Cafe de Hoya from Jiminez Coffee Shop and it's hitting the spot.

So I've got these 2 midschool bikes I need sold. One is a Dyno and the other is a GT. Both need work. They both ride well it's just the cosmetic aspect that needs attention..

Another goal for today is to take care of important phone calls. I hate making phone calls. Am I the only one?

Day 1 Blog 5/12/21

Here at the shop. 1924 fredericksberg Rd. 78201
We've been open for almost a month. Business has been ok. Waiting on my TIN so I can buy some wholesale bikes. Brands like Sunday, Fit, S&M and Elite. Today I have 3 projects and they are to clean these midschool bikes. This blog should keep me busy and I'll try and keep up with it as much as possible. Rent is coming up so I need to make some money. I had a guy that was going to deliver an bass amp I've been wanting forever but he backed down just a minute ago. Oh well, It was too good to be true.

Now it's time to get back to work.


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